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Art Glass

We invite you to Put “Design” in Your Life!  Design is more than floor plans, paint colors and furniture; it is a collection of choices about your surroundings that reflect you and directly influences your life style.  Our philosophy is to make you the center of the completed project.

At Design Statements we listen to what you want and guide your choices so that the result is unique to you and the way you wish to lead your life.  We honor the items you cherish and have collected over time by working them into the design plan. 

Services offered:

  • Floor plan/existing space assessment and recommendations
  • Surface specifications – walls, flooring, cabinet finishes, lighting & plumbing fixtures
  • Color and detail specifications for interior and exterior
  • Furniture, area rugs and appliance recommendations and/or procurement
  • Art and accessories recommendations and/or procurement
  • Window treatment design, fabrication and installation
  • Personalized shopping with you or for you

We welcome the opportunity to assist you at whatever level you wish, whether it is a consult and summary or a whole house completion.  You, your requests and your budget form the foundation for our working relationship. 

We are expanding our business to offer you handmade items for you and your home. We invite you to visit us at our new shop on Etsy (