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Real Estate Staging


When you are selling your home, you want the best price possible.  By engaging and listening to a good Realtor, your asking price will be based on fair market value taking into consideration recent sales of comparable properties in your area.  In this economic climate, it is probable that your home will be in competition with many others that are also for sale.  To realize the best price your home needs to “show” well.  Your Realtor will have many tips for showing your home to best advantage.  Design Statements can assist you in this process with fresh eyes.  If you are still living in your home you are used to how it looks, the prospective buyer needs to see how it will suit their needs.  This often requires that you remove items from your home to make it feel more spacious.  If you have moved and your home is sitting empty it may be that you need to add furniture to the space to illustrate how the new owner might use the spaces.  We can assist with editing and adding to give your home the chance it deserves to sell.